/10 Health Tips To Help Keep Your Immune System Strong

10 Health Tips To Help Keep Your Immune System Strong

Immune System

It could be said that all of the body’s systems are equally important because (due to evolutionary development) they retain interactivity or tend to become vestigial/absent. What’s more, of all these internal processes we often don’t consider just how vital the immune system is until something goes wrong or it becomes severely imbalanced.

The human machine is a delicate contraption that cannot withstand some of the things that the modern world throws at it, even if we might like to think otherwise. Each one of us might be several bad choices away from doing serious damage to our immune system, in fact.

In the hopes of helping you all to avoid annoying, occupation threatening, perhaps even life-destroying incidents in this area we present ten tips to help keep your natural resistance strong.

Thoroughly examine your habits and lifestyle

Before you begin to take action toward promoting the more robust immune system, it is vital that you take the time to review all of your bad habits along with other factors which might significantly contribute to immune disorders. For instance, if you frequently drink and smoke then you’re putting yourself at risk for a host of problems.

Not getting enough sleep or being overweight are also major issues to contend with as well. Naturally, if you’re getting hit from every area, perhaps due to the nature of your work or where you currently reside, etc. then a complete career change or relocation might not be out of the question.

Probiotic foods are worth checking out

Probiotics are defined as good bacteria which help to promote substantial human health and longevity; that’s right, not all tiny creatures are bad news. Many of the harmful bacteria are dealt with courtesy of probiotic foods, and it is these same offenders that often generate inflammation, which is seen to be a leading cause of disease.

Oregano oil has been shown to flush out parasites

Oregano oil is used to treat respiratory illnesses, and oregano oil has been successfully used to deal with all sorts of nasty pathogens like viruses, intestinal parasites, and even being applied as a topical insect repellant. There are many other seemingly unrelated conditions which it is also useful in treatment as well, like skin disorders and even heart problems.

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A nutritious and balanced diet is essential

Above all else, you should start with an entirely wholesome and balanced diet, including foods which contain all the essential vitamins and other nutrients. The best place to start is with fresh local vegetables and fruits, where leafy greens and more are brought to the table on a daily basis, and you’re getting around five servings from each group.

Shitake mushrooms, an amazing Japanese superfood

Shitake mushrooms have long been considered a health food in Japan and scientists are just now starting to understand why. They have been shown to influence the immune system positively directly as well as even correcting cholesterol levels, which is a very nice fringe benefit.

Garlic, nature’s antibiotic

Another ancient ingredient which countless cultures have turned to for preventative care (not to mention flavor enhancement) is garlic. In a sense, you could think of this plant’s cloves as being a natural antibiotic, but it should also be mentioned that it has been shown to work wonders on the circulatory system as well.

Avocados, amino acids, antioxidants and adrenals

Health food experts have been promoting Avocados for quite a while now, yet many seem to overlook them entirely. Not only are they incredibly tasty, wholesomely hearth and excellent as a side dish.

This strange fruit is a fantastic source for vitamin D too, assisting in various other areas as well, like lowering cholesterol levels. Ideal for the skin (internally and externally), avocados have also been shown to help with sexual dysfunction and other conditions such as osteoarthritis.

Vitamin C supplements, try taking them every day

Countless studies have been done with Vitamin C, mostly with regards to its preventative effects in helping to ward off conditions such as the common cold. One of the great things about it is that you can often load up on it without fear of toxicity, and since it has also been known to slow the aging process and promote circulatory health, taking a supplement every day certainly isn’t going to do any harm to you or your family.

Consider meditation or Tai Chi / Qi Gong

Individual studies seem to indicate that a daily regimen that includes some type of meditation, including but not limited to light physical exercises such as that supplied by Tai Chi or Qi Gong, can dramatically boost your immune system responses.

Lastly, another well-known Eastern superfood – Ginger root

All throughout Asia Ginger root is renowned for its curative powers as well as pleasant taste and texture in cooking. Mostly being seen to help promote digestion, ginger has also been linked to reducing or eliminating inflammation (which as previously indicated is a recurring cause of various diseases). Some researchers have even suggested that ginger can also have positive effects on the central nervous system as well, which might make it an excellent stress buster for those that need it.

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