/Vitiligo Supermodel Inspires 10-Year-Old Vitiligo Fan
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Vitiligo Supermodel Inspires 10-Year-Old Vitiligo Fan

Vitiligo Supermodel Inspires 10-Year-Old

Winnie Harlow gave one of her biggest fans a huge surprise, as the supermodel with vitiligo inspired the 10-year-old girl on The Real.

The now-famous model with the rare skin condition made an appearance on the talk show, after little April Star sat down with the ladies to talk about who inspires her.

The 10-year-old has been garnering in a lot of positive comments on her Instagram for embracing her vitiligo, with Harlow being her biggest motivation of confidence.

During the show, the ladies told Star they would be calling up Harlow for them to speak to each other, and as they are talking, she comes out to surprise her. Soon enough, the waterworks start amongst the two, the ladies of the show, and the audience.

The two embrace each other in tons of hugs and kisses, to the pleasure of the audience and viewers.

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As they ask Harlow what words of advice she would give to Star as a young girl who may deal with bullying and insecurities, she replies that she doesn’t have anything to tell her. "Every time I see [Star] all over the Internet, I see the little girl I could have been at her age.

The confidence I have now ... I had none of at her age so when I see her all over the Internet and social media, I see the little girl that I wish I could have been,” shares Harlow of Star’s confidence. "As kids get older and a little bit more knowledgeable to certain things, they tend to get meaner,” she continued.

The ladies then go on to talk about Harlow recently landing on the cover of Ebony Magazine, where she joined other models of different skin colors. One of the models on the cover with her, Diandra Forrest, even has albinism.


Vitiligo is an incurable skin disorder resulting from the destruction of melanin-producing cells, leading to visible white/pale patches. Although the cause is unknown, there's evidence that stress may play a role.

A survey of UK Vitiligo Society members showed that 35% of respondents felt they had poor quality of life, and other studies have shown people affected experience discrimination and intrusive reactions from others.

Natural Remedies For Vitiligo

Natural Remedies For Vitiligo

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