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Cures, Treatments, and Remedies for Vitiligo

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Oil of Oregano

Oil of Oregano possesses anti-inflammatory effects and is also an antioxidant. Also, it has got an anti-venom action that will neutralize the venom of scorpions, bees, spiders, ants and snakes. It's also a natural anaesthetic.

Additional to this, it is a mucolytic, meaning it thins mucous, making it useful and beneficial for lung disorders and antitussive (halts coughs) and antispasmodic. However, the most valuable attribute of Oil of Oregano is actually its anti-microbial power. It is referred to as Mother Nature's most powerful and finest antiseptic.

Psoralea Seeds

This is considered one of the homemade remedies which can also be used for medical cures for vitiligo treatment . The seeds of this plant are amongst the greatest natural remedies for the condition. Combined with tamarind, it must be soaked in water for about 4 days and nights.

After this process is complete, you must dry it and smash it to make a paste. This type of paste must be placed on the areas afflicted for approximately thirty days and you will see the pigmentation go back over the white areas once more.

Gingko Biloba

Gingko Biloba is a natural herb and is extremely useful for anti-inflammatory, immune modulating, and anti-oxidizing purposes. Gingko is highly rated with regard to curing of the disease. It has uncovered outstanding re-pigmentation of the skin.

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Ginkgo assists in preventing and rebuilding procedure. Ginkgo leaves are generally believed to contain compounds that thin the blood and help to make improvements to muscle tone within the walls of blood vessels. This tends to enhance blood circulation.


Bavachi is a natural herb known for its curing capabilities with vitiligo as well as other medicinal properties. In particular places, it is best-known as babchi, and even also bakuchi and bakhni. The most surprising thing about this particular plant is the fact that every part of it is very useful. Roots, stems, leaves, seeds, they are all widely used to treat some skin problems.


Picrorhiza is an Indian herb which has been used to treat different kinds of skin disorders. It cures skin disorder simply by inducing re-pigmentation of the skin. This potent herb is widely used, both naturally and also using herbal medications.

Radish Seeds

Yet another one of the most useful treatments for the ailment will be the radish seeds, which are known to stimulate melanin regeneration. Just add vinegar to the powdered plant seeds and blend them until you form a paste.

Put it on over the epidermis for around six months. As one of the more efficient remedies for your vitiligo treatment, you will see how pigmented your skin layer has become.

St. John Wort

St. John Wort is a widely used herb that provides skin benefits. It happens to be the safest and most effective natural treatment for the ailment. The herb works extremely well by boiling its flowers and leaves and filtering its fresh and raw parts from its juice extract.

The juice has got to be drunk thrice daily immediately after meals. The herb can also be applied straight to the affected areas of your skin.

Ayurvedic Medications

Many people who have experienced this skin condition because of a lack of nutrients such as calcium, phosphorous, vitamins, protein, and various other cuprous vitamins and minerals. The Ayurvedic treatment method which has been used for many years recommends getting a properly balanced diet.

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